JA on the QM2

News Update; My work has been on-board the prestigious Queen Mary II which has been celebrating the late, great Marilyn Monroe. 

The on-board Clarendon Fine Art Gallery showcased a selection of my original artworks including portraits of Marilyn Monroe. Alongside highlights from David Gainsborough-Roberts’ personal Marilyn Monroe Collection which is regarded as being the world’s largest collection of film-worn Marilyn Monroe costumes, personal gowns, clothing & jewellery all previously owned by Monroe.

It was an honour to be exhibited on the QM2 and incredibly exciting that my work appeared alongside items actually owned by Marilyn. Perhaps the items infused with a little of Marilyn spirit will drift into the paintings! 

Thanks to all involved for their hard work in making this happen. I couldn’t be there in person but heard it went down brilliantly… pun intended:)

Photo: unveiling my Monroe portrait with ‘Marilyn’ looking on in shocked awe!

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