Two Studios!

I remember a time when my studio was a 3 x 6 shed in the back garden. No heating, limited space, but none-the-less somewhere I could let my creative energy be unleashed! Having a home studio these days is very cool (and much bigger, complete with central heating and a massive log burner!). But one down-side is the isolation; as artists we create alone.

Moving to Blackpool allowed me to become actively involved with the amazing art community here and I’m now sorting my second studio; in the town centre, looking out on the iconic Blackpool Tower and in a creative environment with other artists.

Photos to follow! Will be busy making it a working studio over the next few days:)

It doesn’t matter where you start, even if it’s the kitchen table (I’ve been there, done that) as long as you’re painting, drawing and being creative. Keep at it!

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